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Project Description
Simple tray application that manages a Bash on Ubuntu on Windows session and launches X-windows applications without a console.

Development is still ongoing but it's basically functional. It keeps a hidden bash.exe session running in the background so closing any bash windows won't kill all running processes. The tray icon currently has a few X Windows applications it can launch with no console window but I'll be adding a command line method for doing this so shortcuts can be made.

This requires a recent Insider Preview version of Windows 10 (or the anniversary update assuming the Linux subsystem makes it into the release) and the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows feature to be installed already.

In order for the X Windows features to work, you need Xming or an equivalent X server for Windows installed and running on 0:0.

This could break at any time since Bash on Ubuntu on Windows is still a Insider Preview feature.

Normally I wouldn't publish this early but codeplex puts a time limit on making a project public.

Let me know if you'd be interested in running bash as a service so you can start services in the background and have them start before login and survive logout -- possibly with init-like functionality.

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